Ay Tjoe Christine

The work has transformed the theological relations into interhuman relations, with all its banality, bitterness and tragic aspects. Tjoe’s artistic idea is an allegorical one, alluding to religiosity and even references to the religious texts that she has so far believed in and simultaneously reinterpreted. The impressions and images of destruction, frailty and collapse give rise to perceptions about tragic emotions that serve as the basis of her allegorical works. We can see lines that appear winding, fractured, or scrawny in places, going in all directions. Under the shadow of the nails, guillotine, strings, balls, and the type machine’s sharp arms, the work conjures a certain Eva Hessian atmosphere: a space between the absurd and the collapsed lives (Hendro Wiyanto).

Birth place:
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Based in:

Past exhibitions