Haris Purnomo

“Haris Purnomo is back now. From his current works we notice that the Garuda bird has been whirling in his mind and preoccupying him since the bird flew off his hand more than twenty years ago. His devastating bandaged baby dolls have gone away. However, he perhaps still visits their mass grave. They are back or called back, some turning to human infants, having removed the bandages over old wounds that leave no mark, yet showing new blemishes of the current era stamped over their whole soft-skinned bodies. But these babies seem to want to be powerful like Garuda, with tattoos all over the face and body, small wings growing here and there, and creeping as if in battle fields prior to the birth of the republic, while living in the shadow of the overwhelming image of the mythical being with its scary gaze and claws.” (Curator : Hendro Wiyanto)

Birth place:
Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia

Past exhibitions