Rudi Mantofani

Rudi Mantofani is an Indonesian contemporary artist worth keeping an eye on. His work involves presenting elements of surprise in formal and visual terms and his creativity in exploring the world of ideas with a variety material and forms, always shines through. Rudi succeeds in introducing unexpected aspects into his pieces, things that he always sees from a positive viewpoint. This is because he believes that positive energy transmits positive values and auras to people experiencing art.

These positive aesthetics of the artworks derive from particular aspects of the chosen objects. To look at them, they are "a sight to behold", while in terms of meaning they "challenge the intellect" to examine and interpret. His work grows from weighty ideas, that are only possible with an artist who is constantly striving to expand his or her intellectual power, in order to disclose the crucial side of a given theme. The strength of these pieces is that the artist has successfully invented a suitable "language" to convey the newly side of the theme. Mantofani keeps exploring ideas, spotting specific topics then merging them, and in the process produced works that mark three essential points; "conquering", the ability to make materials serve as appropriate and effective media; "animating", the formal and visual power that cause created objects to have new narrative lives, and "positive energy" the power endowed into the artwork to stir and suggest to the audience a positive spirit and energy (Suwarno Wisetrotomo).

Birth place:
Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
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